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kopia mc.kaimux.lt
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Wersja Minecraft Wersja serwera 1.19.4
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An ambitious project aiming to stand out not only with uniqueness but also with quality!

• Highly optimized

• Powerful hosting

• 80% custom plugins

• Expanding choice of options

• Various events

• Ongoing expansion of language options

Currently active servers:

Survival - an adventure in the wild, battling other players. Become the best by building the most beautiful houses and earning money. Also, be the top PVP player on the server!

SkyBlock - one of the best ways to have fun, creating your own island. It all starts with surviving on an island alone or with friends. The goal of SkyBlock is to have the most beautiful and profitable island. Don't forget to showcase your PVP skills, which you can test against other players in the PVP arena. Be sure to participate in the events organized by the server.

Prison - experience life behind bars and work your way to freedom in this exciting prison-themed server.

Creative - unleash your creativity in a world where you can build to your heart's content.

BoxPVP - engage in intense player-versus-player battles in the exciting BoxPVP arena.

We look forward to having all of you in our project!

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